• Survey: Half of docs aren’t discussing ObamaCare with patients

    Posted on January 29, 2014 by in Breaking News

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    The Hill by Elise Viebeck –


    ObamaCare isn’t a consistent topic of discussion between doctors and patients, even as the law’s major provisions are set to take effect, according to a new consumer survey.

    Half of patients with a regular doctor haven’t heard him or her talk about healthcare reform at appointments, according to HealthPocket, a consumer resource on health insurance.

    Analysis of the survey suggested that physicians could play a substantial role in educating consumers about changes coming under the new law.

    People enrolling in the new insurance exchanges will inevitably wonder if their doctors are participating in plans available there, a factor that could influence their choice of coverage.

    Of doctors that discussed ObamaCare, patients reported hearing an even mix of opinions.

    According to HealthPocket, 38 percent of patients heard mostly negative things about the law, while 33 percent heard mostly positive things.

    Twenty-nine percent reported that their doctors’ comments had been neutral.

    HealthPocket stressed that regular check-ups can be a venue for consumers to learn about the new law.

    “Medical appointments can be critical opportunities to discuss the personal implications of health reform,” HealthPocket CEO Bruce Telkamp said in a statement.

    “Doctors, as trusted healthcare experts in the eyes of consumers, can help their patients understand how patient care will be affected.”

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