Part A & Part B

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Medicare Part A and Part B

Medicare, Parts A and B (sometimes known as “Original Medicare”), is run by the federal government. With Medicare Parts A and B, the government pays fees for your health care directly to the doctors and hospitals you visit.

  • Helps cover hospital stays, preventive care, doctor visits and other medical services.
  • Run by the federal government.
  • Can be paired with a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan to help pay your share of costs.
  • Can be paired with a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D), to help pay for medications.  Penalties apply for late enrollment.

With Parts A & B, Medicare covers 80% of the costs for your health care costs, after the deductibles have been met.  The outstanding 20% (more if your doctor charges more) is covered by you.  For this reason, most people opt for purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan where, in most cases, their costs will be $0.  Some people who are not concerned about limited selection of providers prefer to purchase a MedicareAdvantage plan which puts all their medical services under 1 umbrella.  Some of these MedicareAdvantage plans include prescriptions and other do not, so you may need a purchase a separate Prescription Drug Plan (PDP).