LTC Overview

Facts and Figures from the insurance industry and Department of Health and Human Services:

  • 79% of the people purchasing Long Term Care policies are between ages 45-64
  • 99% of buyers keep their policy for the rest of their life
  • 49% of people receiving long-term care do so in their own homes
  • Another 24% get funds for Assisted Living Facilities
  • Each year the percent receiving insurance funds for home care services increases
  • Only 9% of baby boomers have planned for their Long Term Care needs
  • 70% of those over the age of 65 will need long term care in their lifetime
  • 71% of the benefits are paid to females
  • 67% of unpaid caregivers are female
  • 67% of the people who plan to have a loved one provide care have not ask the loved one to take care of them when the need arises
  • The number of Americans 65 or older will double over the next 35 years

Long-Term Care Insurance for Seniors

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