• “I love coming through for my clients…”

    Posted on April 3, 2012 by in Insurance Articles

    Delivering Good NewsSo many people make assumptions that life insurance is too expensive or a medical condition may prevent them from being approved.  They really want the coverage, but procrastinate looking into it because they think that their age or some health issue or family history will prohibit them from being approved.

    Many health issues that can be problematic in obtaining health insurance (knee injuries and fertility to name a couple) are generally a non issue when it comes to being approved for life insurance.  Truthfully, people taking medications for conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol and even diabetes are approved every day.  Smokers will pay a higher premium; however, in many cases they will be approved.  The same is true for many people with a history of cancer.  So many of us are trying to lose weight and tell ourselves we’ll apply after we’ve lost xx of pounds.  In the mean time, you do not have the coverage you want.  However, height and weight guidelines are actually quite generous.   You really owe it to yourself and your family to speak with an independent agent who is committed to you, the client.

    Working with me you will have many advantages.  Being an independent agent, I am not married to any carrier.  After speaking with you, I shop the market to find the carriers that will be the best fit for you.  My experience, commitment to my clients and tenaciousness with the carriers have been a winning combination as the majority of my business comes through word of mouth.  If you have received a quote that you felt was cost prohibitive, or you were even declined, please know that I love the challenge of coming through for my clients and nothing gives me more pleasure than delivering good news.  At the same time, when the process proves more difficult, I continue giving you my all.

    You can easily run a quote for yourself on my site.  But, I’d much rather talk with you directly and research everything myself by getting to know you, understanding your objectives and concerns, and finding the right fit to give you peace of mind.  So, the next time you’re thinking you should look into life insurance, please contact me by calling me at 800.608.7278 or by sending me an email at info@cjbins.com.

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