About Carly

Carly’s from New Jersey, and credits her parents and frequent trips to Manhattan for her curiosity, independence and lifelong interest in art and culture. Carly went to Sarah Lawrence College, decided she needed to experience life outside the NY Metropolitan area and transferred to UC Berkeley, where she found a home.

Carly graduated with a BA in East Asian Studies and lived in Tokyo for three years. She’s studied Japanese, Hebrew and recently took an extended sabbatical and immersed herself in Argentine Spanish. “My travels are extensive, but there are still places I yearn to visit—I’ve never been to India or Morocco.”

“I’m passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I stay active by working out, hiking, biking and kayaking and have an ongoing commitment to personal development that includes reading, meditation, yoga and coaching (CTI). Near and far, I enjoy an extended network of friends and family. One more thing: I love dogs . . .”

Focusing on Long-Term Care, Disability and Life Insurance

Carly’s been helping people with their insurance needs for over 20 years. She’s seasoned, savvy and stays on top of a constantly changing industry. She works with her clients to help them make informed decisions, choosing the plans that are best suited for themselves and their families. “Collaborating with Todd Taylor of Taylor Benefits, I’m able to continue to provide excellent service to my individual and group health insurance clients. This collaboration has also enabled me to shift my focus to Long-Term Care, Disability and Life Insurance. There’s a real need here. If you’ve been procrastinating about reviewing any of these areas of coverage or are simply curious, please contact me. In so many cases, people are surprised how affordable coverage can be—and what peace mind it brings.”

  • Life
  • Long-Term Care
  • Disability
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Group Benefits